Catch up

Catch up on the week’s events

Monday 27th March

Bedtime Story: Rich Bagnall

Podcast: Sarah Mountford

Laughtercise Aaron Betesta

Peter Axon

Carl and Paul Draycott

Staff support with Jan Summerfield

Understanding stress & coping skills

Chair exercise with Jake Evans

Tuesday 28th March

Nichola Walker podcast on Menapause

Childrens crafts: Tracey Payne

Buki Adeyemo

Self Compassion vs Selfishness with Gill Walker

Psychological safety with Amanda Boyd

Nichola Walker Menopause Wellbeing

Podcast: Rachael Polwart

Map reading: Neil Woodley

Improving sleep with Rachel Roberts

Meal Prepping

Exercise Yoga with Jenna session 1

Podcast: Laura Bird and Priscilla H

Tips for choosing the right food

Wednesay 29th March

Children No food cooking making faces using biscuits, Sue Slater

Laughtercise Aaron Betesta

Alcohol & Me with Marie McCready

Tracey Bullock

Financial Wellbeing with Richard Bagnall

Guided Meditation with Marie McCready

Blue Light Card

Podcast: Matt Johnson

Podcast: Paul Draycott and Scott Summerfield

Healthy Eating on a budget

Is there such a thing as good or bad foods

Yoga with Jenna

Thursday 30th March

Open mic night at the Gables

Shirley Way bedtime story

Mind Gym with Marie McCready

Tarkaa Daal cooking

Wellbeing Guardian – Janet Dawson

Jan Burns (Dignity Makes a Difference)

Coaching with Julia Ford

Bhangra Duet workshop

The Permission Button with Jan Summerfield

Food Videos Does eating fat make you gain weight

Food Videos Does a healthy lifestyle cost more

HIIT with Jake Evans

Neil Woodley and Jill Walker Podcast

Friday 31st March

Podcast: Jan Summerfield

Quiz night with Neil Woodley

Self Care Workshop with Nicki Hayward

Laughtercise Aaron Betesta

Taming Anxiety with Rachel Roberts

Chair exercise with Jake Evans

Neil Carr

Do carbs make you put on weight

Podcast: Rob Sillito

Exercise Yoga with Jenna session

Food Videos Do Detox Drinks work